How to customize converse with DUL Craft

Converse shoes are classic sneakers, but what if you wanted to make your shoes a little more special? There are many ways to personalize your Converse through shoe customization. By painting them, embossing them, or embroidering them, you can make your Converse one-of-a-kind.

Method 1: Draw with them

Plan your design carefully.

Because you’re planning on permanently changing your shoes, make sure your design is one you’ll want to wear for a while. Also, consider all the different places you wear your shoes. You might want curse words on your shoes at a music show, but not when you meet your new girlfriend’s parents.

Customize Converse

If you are feeling stuck in finding ideas, consider your room. What kinds of colors and patterns do you like? Got a favorite band or collection that you love? Taking inspiration from your own life will ensure your Conversations reflect you.

You can never go wrong with classic prints like stripes, polka dots or chevrons.

Sketch your design in pencile

Once you’ve identified a design you like, grab a pencil and sketch your illustration on top of the canvas and/or Converses rubber feet. The rubber-on toe designs may stand up a bit more over time than canvas, but that’s up to you.

Customize Converse

First, by redrawing with a pencil, you can tweak your design as you see fit. If you decide you don’t like your idea and want to start over, you can even wash the Converses on low in the washing machine to rinse off the pencils.

Use a thin tip permanent marker

When you’re happy with your pencil outline and want to move on, be sure to draw with a permanent marker to make your design last. The thin tip permanent marker gives a little more control and less bleeding if you’re drawing on canvas.

Remember that all colors will fade a little over time. If you like a vibrant look, make sure to use very bright colors from the start. They can become more muted.

It may be helpful to color with a lighter marker. If you make a mistake, you can always correct it by coloring with a darker marker.

Let the shoes dry for a day

When you’re done, let Converses cure for at least 24 hours so the ink can fully soak into the material and cure. During this time, you should put the shoes in a dry, clean place so that they do not accidentally get water in them.

Place your design with waterproof acrylic spray

It’s important to cover your new design with a water-repellent acrylic spray like 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector or Nikwax Fabric Waterproof Spray. They will weather your illustration.

If you don’t have access to these sprays, you can rub the Converse canvas with beeswax. Then set the wax by blowing with a warm hair dryer to seal your design.


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Method 2: Custom shoes by embroidery

Remove the Converse’s shoelaces completely.

This will open up the shoe more and give the tongue more flexibility. It will allow you more space to move inside the shoes as you stitch your designs.

Sketch a design on canvas with a pencil.

Your Converses rubber toe is not suitable for embroidery, but canvas is ideal. When you have a design intent, use a pencil to outline a border on the canvas.

How To Customize Converse

If you decide you don’t like your idea and want to start over, you can even wash the Converses on low in the washing machine to rinse off the pencils.

Embroidery lends itself to lettering. If you are struggling with ideas, you can embroider your date of birth or initials.

Choose a durable yarn

Strong, vibrant threads, such as DMC’s Pearl Cotton, will make your designs stand out and last. When choosing thread, consider that thicker thread will be more difficult to push through the fabric than thinner thread.

Use a chenille needle

Kim Chenille has a very sharp head and larger eyes. The pointed end will be able to penetrate the Converses’ tough fabric more easily, and the larger eye will make it easier to thread thick thread.

How To Customize Converse

The needles of most home sewing machines will be too fine to successfully sew through your Converses. To avoid damaging your sewing machine, embroider an item like this by hand.

Use pliers and needle-nose pliers to protect your fingertips

You should use a holster to protect the sensitive pads of your fingers whenever you are sewing. Needle-nose pliers will make it easier to pull the chenille needle through the hard fabric of the shoe.

Take your time while stitching. You are prone to injury when sewing thick or difficult materials.

When you’re ready to finish your stitch, do an anchor stitch—a stitch that runs parallel to the back stitch surface for the last few stitches—to secure your job.

Embroidered Converse High tops

If you like the method of customizing shoes by hand embroidery, see here.

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