Scrapbook ideas: designs, layouts, pages for DIY enthusiasts

If you love doing handmade, you can’t help but love scrapbooking (What is Scrapbooking?). If you’re confused and don’t know where to start, CRAFTMAN68 will help you with ideas, designs – scrapbook pages and scrapbook layouts in a very personal way with the right colors, textures Vintage personality is hard to confuse with anyone else!

Scrapbook ideas with rich materials at ANTI & OLD
The materials for making scrapbooks at Craftman68 are very rich, feel free to choose!
Scrapbook ideas in vintage style are very popular at C & C .
Scrapbook design vintage (nostalgic) style is especially loved by OTHER & OTHER.


SCRAPBOOK IDEAS: Ideas for making handmade albums with 4W1H

  • Who: You make this scrapbook for AI: lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family, boss.

Scrapbook ideas for baby girls

  • What: WHAT is the content of the scrapbook: pictures of the time of love; classmate; happy family moments; newborn baby or 1, 3, 6, 12 months old; time working with a colleague and breaking up time; birthday occasion; valentine; tourism; 10 year anniversary; farewell.

scrapbook ideas with blue pastel rustic design

  • Where: Events, pictures in the scrapbook take place WHERE: You can group images, events, moments by location, location, space.

Scrapbook idea vintage handmade

  • When: Group photos, moments, events… album content over time: WHEN.

  • How: Finally, the meaning and message of scrapbook? HOW OLD & OLD will help you do it!

Scrapbook ideas "live laugh love"
Making scrapbooks is an art filled with emotions!

SCRAPBOOK DESIGNS – Sketch, design handmade photo albums

  • What are the main colors and styles? In particular, the scrapbook cover is the soul of the album. Hints: blue, red, yellow boys; pink, purple, white baby girl; adult vintage deep brown, navy blue; Of course, you can choose any color you like. Antique & Old is the most favorite color, vintage & retro style.

Scrapbook idea for 20/11 gift

  • Specification: square, rectangular, box, mini, cards. Workable size, usually about 10cm -25cm.

Scrapbook design for Jack by Cổ & Cũ

  • Choose carefully the best image , moderate number from 10-50 photos, should not duplicate the scene, the content; If possible, you should retouch (edit) the image before printing. Group images in order: place, time, context, subject (person, scene); color photos and according to the number of images (group of 1 picture, group of 2, 3, 4 pictures… to make layouts for scrapbook.

Scrapbook designs: play with pictures!

  • Put everything on the table, right in front of you, take a breath, and think of a story that best fits everything in front of you.

Scrapbook design theme "Just be me" at Cổ & Cũ


Arrange images in optimal and preferred layouts for each group of images and tell stories, connecting into a great piece of content of your own.

Scrapbook layouts at Antique & Old

The scrapbook layouts are specially designed according to customer requirements, can be used as covers or inside pages.

  • Use a pencil to mark and note everything on the reverse side of all scrapbooking materials.

  • Make scrapbook covers , usually combined with 1 or several images as the theme – avatar for the front cover, and harmoniously decorate the back cover.

  • Scrapbook layouts – the layout for 1 image will be different from 2 or 3, 4, 5 pictures, you can even arrange a whole stack of 10 pictures on just one side of the scrapbook. Craftman68 revealed right here!

Scrapbook layouts
Layout – simple layout with 1 image, the rest is writing, drawing, decorating.
Scrapbook layouts
Scrapbook layout with 2, 3 images.
Scrapbook layouts for lots of pictures
Scrapbook layouts are smart “pockets” that can hold 4-10 photos.
Scrapbook layout with folding
Scrapbook fan folding layout can stick 4 to more than 10 photos.

SCRAPBOOK PAGES – Decorate each page of handmade photo albums

  • This is the most interesting and “painful” time when embarking on the details of making handmade scrapbook.

scrapbook page theme "Beautiful in White"
A beautiful white scrapbook cover page.

How to make a scrapbook

Scrapbook handmade DIY

Scrapbook page for baby boy

Vintage handmade scrapbook page at Antique & Old

Scrapbook - gift from bottom of the heart
Scrapbook – gift from bottom of the heart!

Making scrapbook – scrapbooking is both entertainment, stress relief and brings great and lasting spiritual value. We understand your perfectionism when you choose to make scrapbook as a gift for a loved one or for yourself. In fact, with nearly 10 years of business and production of scrapbook materials, I understand that getting satisfactory scrapbook ideas is not easy; Implementing scrapbook designs, scrapbook layouts, scrapbook pages is even more difficult. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you create your own “masterpiece” with scrapbooks.

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