Top 5 gifts you can make yourself to give your boyfriend for Christmas

Giving gifts to loved ones on holidays or anniversaries has become a habit for most people. Gifts are considered meaningful material items that show your heart for your loved one. Gifts, whether of material or spiritual value, express the love of the giver. At the same time, it shows your importance in that person’s eyes. In love, people also pay great attention to giving gifts to each other as a souvenir and to express their love for the other person. It would be great if the gift was made by yourself, it would bring deep meaning and make that person remember you forever. Have you prepared any gift for your boyfriend this Christmas? If not, please refer to the following gifts.

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1. Handwritten card

The most famous tradition of giving gifts on Christmas day is associated with the story of Santa Claus. According to legend, Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas, born in 280 in Turkey. Throughout his life, he always spent time helping people in difficult circumstances and disguised himself to give gifts to poor children in impoverished rural areas. Later, children throughout the centuries have always looked forward to Christmas to receive gifts from Santa Claus.
Today’s Christmas holidays are more prominent by square gift boxes, gorgeously decorated pine trees, and not to mention multi-style greeting cards to send to loved ones. The first card was sent from England in 1843, drawn by artist J.Horsley with the greeting: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”
Anything made by your lover’s hands is both romantic and meaningful. Because hidden inside are sincere words of love from the bottom of your heart to him. Sending him warm, loving handmade greetings that you haven’t told him in a long time, there’s nothing better than that, right? Surely this winter you will not be afraid of the cold anymore because he is always by your side and loves you.
Thiệp handmade
Handmade cards
Thiệp handmade
Handmade cards

2. Scarf

A scarf is an accessory that not only helps keep the body warm when the wind is cold, but also serves as a fashion and beauty accessory. Scarves are very diverse, reasonably priced, and easy to choose. Therefore, many people intend to choose scarves as gifts for friends, relatives and especially lovers.
Christmas is coming, don’t hesitate to give him a warm scarf. A scarf woven with your own hands is both a meaningful gift and can be luggage that accompanies him throughout this cold winter. Scarves show your care for your lover.
With the meaning of wanting the scarf to be able to keep your lover warm every time the wind blows. It’s simply a small action, but it’s a silent concern you have for him. He will no longer worry about catching a cold when going out because he will have warm arms protecting him every day.
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  3. Embroidered shoes 

Giving shoes to a lover often has deep emotional meanings. In addition to caring for health, shoes also symbolize the image of sticking together, walking side by side and following every step of “that person”. It would be even more wonderful if those shoes were hand-embroidered with meaningful words or simply your two names. Although simple, it will make your lover always remember you when wearing the gifted shoes.
Sometimes, giving him such a meaningful gift will help him erase all his troubles. With just a small gift, you can also help your boyfriend share the joys and sorrows in work and life.
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4. Embroidered letter pillows

In today’s era, choosing a meaningful gift that can convey all the thoughts and words you want to say to the person you care about is not easy. From those thoughts, many ideas and handmade gift products according to the giver’s request were born. A gift is also very meaningful this Christmas season. A pillow embroidered with cute words as if to say something to the guy.
What do you think when every night the person you love hugs a pillow with your hand-embroidered name and image, or has to read your sentimental words before going to bed? A soft pillow will put him into a deep, happy sleep. Gently come to him in happy dreams. Both of them went to the same house and built a loving home together.
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     5. Chocolate cake

It’s not necessarily true that on Valentine’s Day we can give chocolate bars to that person. Why don’t you make him a box of chocolate yourself as if to say something. What’s more wonderful than when you both walk around together and enjoy the bitter and sweet taste of chocolate like the taste of love. Surely he will never stop being happy when you always give him love and care this Christmas season.
You can make your own according to the chocolate pattern you like, but in my opinion, the Chocolate pattern placed in a heart box is one of the most beautiful and attractive chocolate gift designs, ensuring that your lover, no matter how difficult and difficult to please, will be able to please. will fall in love with chocolate gifts like this.
When giving Chocolate to your boyfriend, don’t forget to send your message to him. With just a few simple words written on a chocolate sent to him, a simple love statement is enough to make her touched by your sweet heart and love.
Cách làm bánh quy phủ socola đơn giản cho ngày Valentine trắng
In fact, as long as you truly want him to be happy, then every gift you give him is priceless.





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