What Is Brown Canvas? Applications of Brown Canvas Fabrics ?

What Is Brown Canvas? Applications of Brown Canvas Fabrics ?

Written by: Mr Content Posted Date: June 19, 2019

In addition to brown vintage canvas or patterns with many textures, brown canvas is still one of the top choices with this classic yet attractive design fabric. Although simple, but with rustic colors, it creates an extremely impressive vintage feeling for those who love the classic. 

What is brown canvas? 

Brown canvas fabric is a high-class fabric and is better than the usual fabrics that are popular on the market today. In addition, canvas is also known as burlap, which is very familiar and close to Vietnamese people. The name lychee is derived from the 13th century of a plant, so the fabric is extremely friendly to nature.

beautiful brown canvas
Quality brown canvas fabric

The thick fabric is woven from 100% cotton, so it is very benign to create a rough and firm surface that does not contain harmful substances. The brown color of the fabric is very simple and rustic but delicate, helping to create a luxury for the products to be combined.

Advantages of canvas fabric 

Canvas fabric is loved by many customers also thanks to its great advantages to meet the needs of many customers looking for today. First, canvas fabric is highly appreciated for its durability over time and is not afraid of being torn or discolored after washing. 

Quality brown canvas fabric
Thick and durable fabric

The fabric is easy to clean and maintain, especially without fading or fading after many washings. There are many questions that are asked “is canvas fabric waterproof?”, then let’s say the water resistance of canvas fabric also gives users more satisfaction and love. The plus point of the fabric is a variety of colors and textures. There are many fancy and unique designs. The price comes with the quality, so you can rest assured when using it.

textured canvas fabric
Roll burlap to use to make handmade products

Application of brown canvas in practice

Products made from canvas are extremely diverse, which can be used to make pillowcases, clothes, skirts, or tote bags that are popular today. Besides the pillow cases can be used as curtains, sofa covers, napkins or very impressive tablecloth products.

the most beautiful brown canvas canvas
Vintage brown canvas canvas bag
simple brown canvas canvas
Combine to make bags with other textured canvas fabrics
Latest canvas fabric
Create a vintage wedding space 

Not only that, but brown canvas is also applied by many people in creating handmade products to add a new vintage look to their own work such as at wedding parties or photo albums, scrapbooks. unique. 

brown and white canvas
Make beautiful decorative flower packaging
What is canvas?
Use in wedding parties

As long as you know how to change, you can create an extremely poetic and ecstatic space thanks to simple brown canvas. The color of brown burlap brings a rustic feeling suitable for weddings, celebrations or in cafes, tea rooms, restaurants, hotels that love sophistication and classic. 

Where to buy reputable and quality brown canvas fabric?

synthetic canvas fabric
Fabric items at Craftma68

One of the leading reputable canvas fabric stores in Vietnam today is the Old & Old Store. With colorful canvas fabrics and extremely unique and new vintage textures, it will definitely blow a new wind into your space. Not only fabric, but the shop also has beautiful handmade products that are hard to find on the market today. 

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